Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Stop Forced Conversion

Religious conversions is the greatest danger or problems that India or Hindus in particular are facing today. I personally condemn such things and oppose it. Any human is free to follow any religion he/she wants. One cant forcibly convert anyone by bribery or any other sort of help.

I would like to know views of other fellow hindus and also of those who are not hindus visiting this blog. I would like to know how can we overcome this problem.


passin'thru said...

1st of all, I feel the need to apologise for my corny moniker, it was chosen in haste.

But yeah, for what it's worth, as a Westerner who was brought up in a secular humanist household, but who doesn't consider secular humanism to be as hard-headed and philosophically realistic as it is so good at appearing to be, I think that Hindu thought has a lot to offer, and I feel that forced conversion is a shame.