Friday, January 9, 2009

chanakya hindi serial volume 5

Chanakya Hindi Serial Volume 5 of 8

Episode 25: Badrashal is upset by the Prime ministers decision to appoint Acharya at a high polotical post in order to stop their departure from the city. Ajay is in full agreement with Rudradevs feelings. Ex-prime minister Shatkar vows to help Vishnugupta in his mission

Episode 26: Vishnugupta goes to the land dealer and expresses his desire to buy a vast piece of land. Meanwhile students are roaming around the city making announcements of the oncoming meeting to be conveyed by Acharya Rudradev. Seeing her husband in such an unsettled state of mind makes Maitri very worried.

Episode 27: Varuchi asks Balgupta to help him in his mission to set things right in Patliputra. Varruchi learns through Shriyak about Vishnugupta's desire to make a Gurukul. Varuchi makes the decision to buy the land.

Episode 28: After meeting Amatya Rakshas, Viradhgupta walks around the streets and witnesses a meeting between Shatkar and Rudradev on the other side. Unwilling to rest even at night, Amatya goes to the local bar, dance hall, gambling house, guest house, etc and asks everybody to be alert. Amtya then goes to Viloms residence. Viklom is the same man who had years ago informed Amatyas father about Acharya Cahnaks death.

Episode 29: Restless in sleep, Amatya recalls all the information received by Viradhgupta. Amatya goes to Shanktars house and both talk about Magadh and Shatkar reveals his desire to take active intrest in the upliftment of the state.

Episode 30: Bhadrashal reveals his frustations before Dhanananad. At the end of the episode we see all the important men in Patliputra absolutely tensed