Friday, January 9, 2009

Chanakya hindi serial volume 6

Chanakya Hindi Serial Volume 6 of 8

Episode 31: Disciple of Vishnugupta, Sharangdev, enters the city and gives his teacher the latest update of Chandraguptas activities. Varuchi decides to hand over his resignation. Police Commissioner Bhagurayan appoints Susidhartak to keep an eye on Vishnugupta.

Episode 32: Vishnugupta goes to meet Bhagurayan and asks him for help in two missions. Varuchi gets angry at Amatyas attempt to curb the rising revolt. Susidhartak reveals his true identity to Sidhartak. He is to take a message to Vishnugupta that the authorities of Patliputra were keeping an eye on him.

Episode 33: Vishnugupta addresses the intellectual group of the city and urges them to walk on the right path. Later on Dhananand questions the mayor of the city and then tells Amatya to throw out Vishnugupta from the state. Jeevsidhi convinces Dhananand to give up the thrown and make Sukesh the crown Prince.

Episode 34: The entire city of Pataliputra is in a festive mood as the coronation of Prince Sukesh id announced. On the other side security is getting tighter in the city as commissioner Bhagurayan surveys the city.

Episode 35: Varuchi expresses concern over the impending coronation. Amatya then reveals that he holds Vishnugupta responsible for the entire tension. Away from the complications of Pataliputra, Chandragupta is busy practicing his fighting skills. Bhadrashal pledges his faithfulness to the king.

Episode 36: Tension mounts in Patliputra as Pratim, a special spy, arrives from Nepal. Shriyank worriedly informs Ajay that Vishnugupta would soon have to leave Pataliputra. Amatya tells Bhagurayan that under any circumstances Vishnugupta should not be imprisoned