Monday, October 13, 2008

About Intellectual Hinduism

Welcome to my blog - Intellectual Hinduism.

I am Hitarth. I am no Saint, no Guru. I am a simple 26 years old young lad hailing from Western India and presently working as a Web Developer in Sydney, Australia.

You may come across many blogs which writes about Hinduism, age old mantras, explaining concepts of Gita, Upanishads and Vedas. Sometimes I feel all those great Granths are okay, but what is that real essence of Hinduism that it is the only one religion that is oldest among the all ?

In my quest to find the answer, i felt that there is a great need to understand the Logic about Hinduism and its evolution rather than just reading, learning the texts and various different granths that are available.

In this blog, you will find my effort that logically describes -

Why Hinduism is the Oldest Religion and Still followed ?
How did Hinduism has evolved all these years ?
How Hinduism is Logically and Scientifically Correct ?

And also, along with that logic i will also try to write in traditional way i.e. explaining various different texts, its meanings, etc.

Alongwith, that i will also try to write and evaluate the time line about the evolution of Hinduism. I have also tried to relate Hinduism with the Modern life style that most of us have adopted. I sincerely hope my message is well received in the society and understood. Again, I am no Saint, no Guru.

Long Live "Sanatana Dharma"


Anonymous said...

At first i would like to say thanks to u for ur ideas to generate intellectualism in our religion .But if u r really believe in intellectualism then pls dON'T use words hinduism for us ..Use SANATAN DHARMA FOR oUR CULTURE N RELIGION ...THE PURE N MEANINGful WORD DERIVED FRoM SANAKRIT TO REPREseNT OUR REligion...We all are sanatan dharmi .Hindu denotes nothing.....Persion word derived from sindhu and later used by arabian to discriminate us .So please.............

Manjunath Prasaad Sharma said...

ya tats good:)