Friday, January 9, 2009

Chanakya Hindi Serial Volume 8

Chanakya Hindi Serial Volume 8 of 8

Episode 43: Chandragupta tells about his desire to leave the Royal Palace. In part of the Royal Palace, attempt to kill Chandragupta says that he doesn't want to marry Dharini the daughter of Nanda.

Episode 44: Susidhartak advises Laghu Paurav to join up with Amatya Rakshas in order to succeed in his plans. In the Rangshala of Patliputra Sushidarthak introduces Laghu Paurav and Amatya Rakshas to each other in a secret meeting to conspire together to acheive their goals. Amatya Rakshas puts Raj Nartaki Shweta in service to finish Chadragupta before his marriage to Dharini.

Episode 45: Laghu Paurav senses treachery. He rushes calling for Chandragupta to his room and is killed there. Vishnugupta orders Bhagurayan to arrest Amatya Rakshas on the charge of Laghu Pauravs murder. Nipunak, a disciple of Vishnugupta is collecting secret information roaming around the streets of Magadh in disguise

Episode 46: Shaktadas arrives on the scene then informs Amatya as to how Sidhartak had saved his life. Amatya gets further ensnare inot Vishnuguptas trap as Sidhartak makes him purchase some jewelry without realizing that the jewelry belonged to Pauravraj. Away in the campsite, Bhagurayan and Susidhartak succeed in poisoning Malayketus mind against Amatya Malayketu.

Episode 47: Sushidhartak reveals that it was Amatya who sent him with a message and jewelry to Chandragupta. To add to the tension Sushidhartak reveals that the necklace man by Amatya was Pauravraj. Vishnugupta then recalls Amatya that the center drama of the jewelry the capture of Shaktadas was a ploy to get Amatya back to Patliputra. He then appoints Amatya as Chandraguptas prime minister