Friday, January 9, 2009

chanakya hindi serial volume 4

Chanakya Hindi Serial Volume 4 of 8

Episode 19: After Governor's death all the Greek soldiers and officers find their position very shaky. Chandragupt and Sinharan along with their army, continue to wipe out all the traces of Greek rule. Ambhikumar, Chandragupt, Sinharan, Vishnugupt and Parvateshwar receive the news of Alexander's death.

Episode 20: In "Vahik Pradesh" all the states have accepted Chandragupta as their leader. Vishnugupt reveals his plans to overthrow the present rule in Magadh. For this he asks his friends for help. Parvateshwar agrees to help Vishnugupt in every possible way.

Episode 21: Chandragupt asks the citizens of Arrat to forget their personal animosity and rise as a nation. Lagh Paurav meets Chandragupt in order to seek his help in getting his kingdom bac. Indradutt holds his friend Vishnugupt responsible for all that has occurred.

Episode 22: Vishnugupt reveals his plans to overthrow the present Nand rule in Magadh. Parvateshwar takes a vow to help Vishnugupt. Laghu Paurav and Chandragupt are held captive.

Episode 23: Chandragupta not being recognized is held captive in the jailhouse of Kekaya. Vishnugupta is unfolding his future plans to Chandragupta and Sinharan. Parvateshwar arranges for a meeting with the king of Kashmir

Episode 24: This episode onwards we once again enter Patliputra. Dhanand is lost in the world of drinks. The tax officer gets suspicious as he questions Vishnugupta. Vishnugupta then makes a vow to his dead mother that he will fight injustice and corruption in a shrewdly calculating way