Friday, January 9, 2009

chanakya hindi serial volume 2

Chanakya Hindi Serial Volume 2 of 8

Episode 7 : The entire spy network is ready for war. A soldier informs Ambhi about approaching army. After a battel, Ambhi is forced to surrender. In the palace, Sinharan is asking the people to punish him for the mistakes he has committed.

Episode 8: Vishnugupta meets the boy Chandragupta and decides to become his teacher. In the grand conference Dhanananda ridicules all the students and graduates, referring to them as beggars. There is a heated conversation between the two and Vishnugupta leaves the court insulted.

Episode 9: Chandragupta is intiated into the world of studies. His uncle is not happy with te decision and asks 5000 gold coins from Vishnugupta. He begins educating his disciples in all fields.

Episode 10: Refugees from western regions arrive at Taxila for shelter. In order to fulfill his ambition, Ambhi Kumar surrenders to Alexander, Ambhiraj commits suicide. A conflict takes place between Ambhi and Acharya Vishnugupta, where Acharya orders him to leave Gurukul.

Episode 11: Due to the internal conflicts between bordering states of India, Alexander is marching forward after defeating Ashvak, Ashtar and Maskavati. After meeting heads of various states, Acharya Vishnugupt reaches Patliputra. His eyes fill with tears as he realizes the pitiful state of India.

Episode 12: After crosing the Sindhu River, Alexander is met by Ambhi Kumar who has arrived with his huge army in order to welcome him. Onisykretos goes into the deep jungle in order to meet the asceties-kalyan Rishi. we see a meeting between King Parwateshwar and a messenger of Plexamder. The king is discussing surrender