Friday, January 9, 2009

chanakya hindi serial volume 7

Chanakya Hindi Serial Volume 7 of 8

Episode 37: Viradhgupta warns the king that Magadh would be forced to teach Nepal a lesson. Balgupta alerts Bhagurayan to keep an eye on the commander - Cheif Bhadrashal. Vishvugupta Shriyak cry out to control his action.

Episode 38: Rumors were spreading around the city of Patliputra that soon the city would be agtacked. Distressed by the kings attitude Varuchi pleads with Amatya to stop the war. Sinharan has entered the palace and murdered Prince Sukesh.

Episode 39: The supporters of commander in cheif Bhadrashal continued to hunt for Balgupta. Ashvadyaksh orders that Balgupta should be killed. Vishnugupta appoints Balgupta the new commander in chief. Dhananand is taken all over the city and ultimately driven away.

Episode 40: Amatya and Vishnugupta seek solace in the peaceful atmosphere of a monastery. Vishnugupta sends his special messenger Shanotra to Chadragupta asking him to proceed to Magadh. Shriyank tearfully refuses to take the post of Minister in Vishnugupta council.

Episode 41: Only after the procession enters the palace and Shaunotra leads Chadragupta alone to meet Vishnugupta, is it revealed that the man under the armor was Akshay.Vishnugupta further strengthens his plans by proposing the marriage between Chandragupta and Dhananands daughter Dharini. The queen appeals to the monk Jeevsidhi to try and stop the marriage between Chandragupta and Dharini.

Episode 42: Malayaraj and the other kings demand that the promises made by Chadragupta should be fulfilled soon. Dharani is pleading with her mid wife that she does not want to marry Chadragupta