Friday, January 9, 2009

chanakya hindi serial volume 3

Chanakya Hindi Serial Volume 3 of 8

Episode 13: After defeating the frontier states, Alexander marches towards Kekaya, where he also defeats King Porus Parwateshwar. Even as he retreats from India, Alexander continues to kill innocent people on the way. Not discouraged by Dhananad's insult, Acharya Vishnugupta continues his mission to form a joint resistance.

Episode 14: The armory store of Taxila has been set on fire. Vishnugupta is brought to the jailhouse where Anujdev questions him. Everybody in the gurukul is disturbed by Acharya Vishnugupta's silence.

Episode 15: Sinharan hands over the post of Commander in Chief to Chandragupta. Vishnugupta addresses all the students and inspires them to rise and revolt against the Greeks. Chandragupta advances with his mercenary soldiers as more and more fighters join him.

Episode 16: The revolt against the Greeks continues to rise. Ambhikumar orders Anujdev to imprison the students singing the patriotic songs. Satrap orders the commander in chief of Kekaya, Vyagraped, to hang the revolutionaries. Satrap decides to advance to Taxila.

Episode 17: Indian mercenary soldiers fight against the freedom fighters. Phillipuss, Kritorus, and Chakrapani are killed and the Greek composite is set on fire. Acharya has instructed Chandragupta, Akshay, and Sinharan, to proceed to Taxila.

Episode 18: The situation in India after the death of Satrap is described through the medium of paintings and the narrator tells us the incidences that occurred during that time. Vishnugupta inspires him to rise above his own selfish desires and think solely about the nation and it's people.


Anonymous said...

This is the Best part of all these episodes