Friday, December 19, 2008

Evolution of Hinduism - (Main Table)

Hinduism is the predominant religion of the Indian subcontinent. Hinduism is often referred to as Sanātana Dharma, a Sanskrit phrase meaning "the eternal law", by its practitioners.

I have tried to depict the evolution of this eternal law over the time in history to the present age.
In this section i will try to draw a table diagram to prove how Hinduism has developed or evolved over the ages with the changing period or centuries. And also it is fascinating to know that the base of this eternal law remains firm at its place.

Evolution of Hinduism - (Main Table)

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Note: This is the just the main chart of my article. I will try to draw subsequent charts (a - f) as time permits. Also, i will write a relevant commentary for each chart.

Chart (a) - Diagram
Chart (a) - Commentary

Chart(b) - Diagram
Chart(b) - Commentary

Chart(c) - Diagram
Chart(c) - Commentary

Chart(d) - Diagram
Chart(d) - Commentary

Chart(e) - Diagram
Chart(e) - Commentary

Chart(f) - Diagram
Chart(f) - Commentary

I sincerely, hope you all enjoy reading my writings.