Monday, October 29, 2007

The Gita Says

Desire and the passions that arise from desire are the principal sign and knot of ego.

It is desire that makes you go on saying I and mine and subjects you through a persistent egoism to satisfaction and dissatisfaction, liking and disliking, hope and despair, joy and grief, to your pretty loves and hatreds, to wrath and passion, to your attachment to success and things pleasant and to the sorrow and suffering of failure and of things unpleasant.

Desire is the chief enemy of spiritual perfection.

Slay then desire; put away attachment to the possession and enjoyment of the outwardness of things.

Cast away liking and disliking, destroy preference and hatred, root out shrinking and repugnance.

Action will still be done in you because Nature is always at work; but you must learn and feel that your self is no the doer of the action.

Sri Aurobindo
'Essays on the Gita'